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logoalabasterThe owners of the ALABASTER vineyard located in the town of Łopuszka Wielka in the Przeworsk poviat are Zuzanna and Wojciech Jurkiewicz. The first vineyard with an area of 30 ares was founded in 2011. The plantation is located on the sunny southern slope, at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level within the Dynów Foothills, north-west of Przeworsk in the valley of the Łopuszanka stream - the right-bank tributary of the Mleczka river in Łopuszka Wielka. The area is surrounded by hills, a large forest complex stretches on the south side and on the west side there is a woodless area on the hill called Dział Pantalowicki. The geological formations in these areas include the largest alabaster deposits in Europe. It is a snow white fine-grained gypsum variation. The extraction of this valuable mineral was started in 1928 by earl Seipjo del Campo. Alabaster excavated on the spot was processed into various types of plaster. During the Second World War the mine was flooded with water, it was re-launched in 1945 and it has been used until recently. Currently nobody remembers about the alabaster mine in the town where the vineyard was established. Its owners decided to commemorate the richness of the soil in these areas by giving the vineyard the name of Alabaster. The vineyard has been enlarged and the second vineyard was created on a picturesque hill in Przeworsk at Wojska Polskiego street. Together, they constitute approximately 1 hectare of plantings of various grapevine varieties. Both vineyards are connected by the "Pogórzanin" narrow-gauge railway. Wines created in our vineyard owe their character to a well-located vineyard with the right microclimate and to the varieties of grapevines appropriate for the climate. Most importantly, they are made from ripe fruit with limited harvest. Ageing of red wine is carried out in oak barrels that give it a scent of vanilla and oak tones. Varieties of grapevines planted: LeonMilot, Regent, Solaris, Hibernal, Johanniter, Cabernet Dorsa, Cabernet Cortis, Gewürztraminer, Bianca, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt. Initially, the winery owners produced wines for their own use. Since 2017 the Alabaster vineyard has been selling wine. Our wines are bottled in small batches and distributed to stores. The Alabaster vineyard has received numerous medals for the wines produced. In the 1st International Wine Contest TuchoViniContest Tuchów 2016 (bronze medal for Leon Millot 2015), in the 3rd Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2016 (two silver medals for Regent 2015 and Solaria 2015) and in the 4th Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2017 the red wine "Rubin" 2016 (made from the Regent variety) received a silver medal, while the red wine Cairo Night 2016 (produced from the Cabernet Dors variety) received a bronze medal. A fascinating thing about wine is that we are still discovering something new in it. We like to talk about it and share our passion with friends and newly met people. We invite enthusiasts of this beverage to visit our vineyard and to taste and buy wines at the place of their production.

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The Carpathian Wine Route was financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020

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