Dwie granice Vineyard

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dwie granice2"Dwie granice" Vineyard was founded in 2004 by Lidia Nowińska and Marek Nowiński. It was the time of renaissance for the Polish vineyards. The owners became fascinated by winemaking a dozen or so years ago in Hungary. That was where they learned respect for wine and admiration for winemakers. The name "Dwie Granice" (eng. "Two boarders") comes from the location of the vineyard - on the boarder of two villages - Przysiek and Trzcinica. Lidia Nowińska and Marek Nowiński live in Warsaw but they decided to build a house in Przysieki, where the family of Ms. Lidia comes from. The first harvest was reaped in 2006 and has been regularly got in since then. Mr. and Ms. Nowiński are very serious about the wine business and in 2011 they started building a large investment, which is a vineyard with a full processing part and a cellar - an undertaking that provides the right conditions for vinification for a 6-hectare vineyard. Currently, there is also a brand-name shop and a tasting room in the building. Due to the great interest of tourist groups in a stay in the vineyard, the owners plan to create room for overnight stay of guests. At present the following grapevines are grown in the vineyard: Rondo, Seyval, Bianca, Johanniter, Aurora, Marechal Foch, Leon Millet, Cabernet Cortis. During the tastings, guests are shown around the cellar, where wine is stored and produced. It gives the tourists the opportunity to take a close look at all the equipment, to feel the atmosphere of the cellar and of course to try the wine. Everything is accompanied by questions to the lecturers and discussions on different matters, not only those concerning wine. At the end of August 2013, after many efforts the vineyard of Nowiński family obtained the excise stamp. In September 2013 a wine shop was launched. Buying wine is possible from Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 17 p.m. In addition, the store is open to guests after each tasting. During the 4th Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2017 wines from the "Dwie Granice" vineyard won two medals; sweeter wines were appreciated. The silver medal was awarded to the novelty, i.e. Idyll 2016. It is a medal in the category of sweet wines. The well-known and popular semi-sweet Sibona 2016 won the bronze medal in the white wine category.

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