Jasiel Vineyard

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The Jasiel vineyard is one of the first vineyards established in the Podkarpackie province and at the same time the only terraced vineyard in the region. The beginnings of the vineyard date back to 2001 when Elwira and Wiktor Szpak creating a backyard wine garden started their adventure with the vineyard. After only two years of nurturing of only 20 ares of crops it was possible to produce the first wine the values of which exceeded all expectations. This was caused not only by the exceptionally favourable weather conditions but also by specific geological factors unavailable in other places. Sommeliers and experts both from Poland and from abroad appeared very quickly in the vineyard. They tasted and praised - under the influence of the first unexpected success, the owners decided to develop their own vineyard. Grapevine, vineyard and wine very quickly started to occupy more and more space in their lives. The subsequent wine vintages were better and better and the various and respected personalities in the industry could not believe their achievements at that time. Years of experience are necessary to produce wine with such a great aroma, taste and structure. Wines received numerous awards and prizes during wine tournaments. The most important stage in the history of the vineyard was, however, 2005, when the hosts made a breakthrough decision to buy a new plot for planting grapevines. The area of the future vineyard required huge amounts of work and preparation for future cultivation, but it turned out to be a real treasure. The five-year effort put into the formation of the final appearance of the vineyard is impressive, and geographical and geological conditions provide unique features of wines produced here. The surroundings of the new area have been arranged to give the whole space an amazing shape. The vineyard was established in 2010 and it was the only terraced vineyard in SUbcarpathia at that time. It is a place with exceptional aesthetic qualities. Grapevine varieties cultivated in the vineyard include: Johanniter, Siegerrebe, Solaris, Cabernet Dorsa, Cabernet Cortis, Regent. Most of the wines produced in the vineyard are dry wines, both varietal and blended ones. Wines can be purchased on site as well as in the selected restaurants, vineyards and online stores throughout the country. Many wines have been awarded during national and international festivals and competitions. The vineyard provides services in the field of enotourism. Commented tastings are organised in the facility and there is a possibility of doing a tour and staying overnight.

Medals: 4th Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2017 - gold medal - Hervin 2016, 2nd Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2015 - Grand Prix - Rezeda 2014.

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