MalGaleria Vineyard

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MalGaleria Vineyard - the atmosphere of this unusual place is created by art, excellent drinks and the married artists - Małgorzata Samborska and Bogdan Samborski. They both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, they use various artistic forms and techniques: painting, collage, ceramics, sculpture... Their home is both a gallery of their and their friends' works, and a place of meetings and workshops. You can see the works of artists from Jasło, its close vicinity and from further away. Apart from numerous own works, temporary exhibitions are available for most of the year during which it is also possible to buy interesting works (which is certainly an interesting offer for all lovers of art and beauty in the immediate vicinity). In MalGallery, you can also sign up for workshops, especially ceramic workshops, although as mentioned above, the owners use various artistic techniques and such is their offer for those interested. There is a small vineyard next to the house in which the following grapes are grown: Aurora, Seyval Blanc, Cascade, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch. Mr Bogdan makes them into wine as well as into cognac, which is then the basis for Artistic Nalewkas (liqueurs). The guests of the gallery and the participants of vernissages and workshops can taste them. The composition of the nalewkas is a secret - it is the result of many years of searching and experimenting. "Every nalewka, especially an artistic one, is a result of many years of observation and searching, and it is also an art form, which further enriches the experience of visual arts" - emphasises Mr Bogdan. MalGaleria is open every day. Group tours and workshops - by prior arrangement

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The Carpathian Wine Route was financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020

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