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przeworskie03Przeworsk vineyards is a family enterprise of Elżbieta and Dariusz Rosół and, at the same time, the first and - so far - the only Polish producer of mass wine. The first adventure with vine began in 2002 when Lidia planted the first vine bush in front of the garage at the newly built house. The first planted varieties include i.a. Bianca, Seyval Blanc, Regent, Rondo, Leon Millot. Within several years, the grapevine garden grew to over 120 plants, then further plots were planted. Currently, the vineyard covers 2.5 ha of wine growing with an annual production of around 10,000 liters of wine. Wines are named after the family members - white wines have female names; red and rosé wines - male names. Vineyard owners among promote the town of Przeworsk among other things by placing - with the consent of the Town Council - the city coat of arms on wine labels.

On 20 May 2015, Dariusz Rosół became the first - and so far the only - sworn winemaker in Poland. He obtained a permit for the production and distribution of Mass wine. The decree on this matter was signed by the metropolitan bishop of Przemyśl. This is the first such case in post-war Poland. So far, the Mass wine was imported from abroad: Germany, Austria, Hungary and even from the USA. The road to the decree and swearing-in as a Mass wine supplier was not easy. It lasted almost a year. The award of such a title is regulated by the canon law. According to the Gospel of St. Luke, such wine can only be obtained from the "fruit of the vine (cf. Lk 22, 18), natural and unadulterated", without the addition of inorganic substances. The process of production must take the indications of the Episcopal Conference of Poland into account. The wine must be made from 100 percent of wine grapes. No foreign substances can be added. Even yeast should not get any food and during the preparation of the so-called wine yeast starter, one must not add water to it, the only permitted agent is sulfur dioxide used for preservation. Mass wine from Przeworsk Vineyards include two types of semi-dry wines and one type of dry wine; they have special labels and, according to the tradition of the vineyards, they have names of Rosół family members. White wines have female names: Agnieszka, Zofia and Paulina. Mass wine is available only at two points with devotional items in Przemyśl and Krosno it can be bought in the vineyard.

PRZEWORSK VINEYARDS – produce wines from the following grape varieties: Solaris, Hibernal, Palava, Gewurztraminer, Charonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Bianca, Seyval Blanc for white wines and Regent, Dornfelder, Cabernet Dosa, Pinot Noir i Zweigeltrebe for red wines. In 2013, the process of registration of vineyards and processing plants was completed, since 2014 there has been a possibility of purchasing and tasting wines. Mass wine has been sold since 2015. The PAULINA wine won the silver medal during the 5th international Galicia Vitis contest in 2015, and Przeworsk Wines received the "Smaczne Bo Podkarpackie" ("Subcarpathian means tasty") certificates in 2017.

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