Stare Siedlisko Vineyard

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The owners of "Stare Siedlisko" vineyard are Grażyna and Ryszard Janda. The vineyard consists of two plantations: in Strażów and Borek Stary, located on a beautiful south-west slope, 220 m a.s.l. The first plantings in this (26 acres) vineyard began in 2008. The "Stare Siedlisko" vineyard is one of the most interesting places for wine enthusiasts in Subcarpathia. The enotourism farm is located in the picturesque area of Pogórze Dynowskie and is a perfect place for organising family events, occasional events and company meetings combined with tasting of grape wines of own production and touring the winery. Ryszard Janda, a graduate of the Agricultural University, wine enthusiast and owner of the vineyard, he brought back old traditions to this place, because his family ran this farm years ago. The idea to name the farm "Stare Siedlisko" was taken from the name of the place where the family home of Szela, the maternal grandfather of the current owner, stood. The grandson, Ryszard Janda, inherited love for the land and for cultivating family traditions and combined it with the re-emerging trend of planting vineyards and producing own grape wines. Inspired by foreign ways of running an enotourism farm, he made his passion a way of life. At present, his son, Konrad, is helping him to run the vineyard - so the next generation joined in to work on "the land of the fathers". The owners actively participate in wine and oenological courses, conventions and conferences. They are aware that they have to keep on learning and exchange experiences with other winemakers. White and red wines from Regent, Dornfelder, Marechal Foch, Odessa Muscat, Gruner Veltimer, Bianca and Seyval Blanc grapes are produced here. The restored building of the so-called Winemaker's House includes: a restaurant room for 60 people, decorated with reference to winemaking traditions and an atmospheric tasting cellar in which the host conducts tastings of grape wines produced in the farm for organised groups. The building also has accommodation for 10 people. It is possible to have a commented tour of the vineyard along with tasting after prior arrangement.

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