Stecki Family Vineyards

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steccyThe first of the Stecki Family Vineyards, beautifully named "Winnica Na Bramie", was established in 2002 in Jarosław, in the very center of the old town, only 150 metres from the Market Square. It is actually a grapevine garden with 160 bushes growing to this day, to the amazement of tourists visiting this charming place. Although it is small, this is where the owners invite tourists for tours and wine tasting. The idea behind the vineyard was to combine several factors: passion for viticulture, tradition and history of the town. It is here in Jarosław, a town famous for fairs, where in the Middle Ages leather, materials, iron, cattle and other goods from all over the world were traded, that the Hungarian wine occupied an important position. It is at Grodzka Street 2 and 6, on the Jarosław Market Square, where the original cellars in which Hungarian wines used to be stored survived to this day. This is where they took the final form and bouquet, and once they matured they were sold and transported further north by the San river via Gdańsk to Scandinavia. Each year, in August, the Stecki Family Vineyards actively participate in the historical event, Jarosław Fair, in order to continue the tradition. They also contribute to the world-famous Jaroslaw Early Music Festival with their presence and invite tourists from around the world to Jarosław, not only for a spiritual feast. Soon after the foundation of the first vineyard, in 2003, the owners bought more land 20 km from Jarosław, near Pruchnik, another beautiful, historical town with historical, wooden architecture. Grapevines were also planted there. Initially, the vineyard was called Węgierka from the name of the village where the vineyard was established. At present, both vineyards operate under the name "Stecki Family Vineyards". The vineyard in Węgierka currently covers an area of 0.6 ha. Good soil (calcareous clay soil with a large amount of limestone) suitable for grapevines and south-western slope, sheltered from frosty winds in winter, provide ideal conditions for growing grapevines. The hills nearby the vineyard, reaching an altitude of 300-400 meters above sea level, are covered with a fir-larch-beech forests in the upper reaches of the Mleczka River. On a clear day, it is possible to see Tarnica and the summits of Bieszczady Mountains through binoculars from a mountain range, charmingly called Bukowy Garb, which surrounds the village. Due to the climate, the owners decided to cultivate more resistant varieties: Seyval Blanc, Muscat, Jutrzenka, Aurora, Bianca, Solaris, Sibera, Pinot Gris, Johanniter and Hibernal for white wines, and Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent, Roesler and Heridan for red wines . The Stecki Family Vineyards are open for tours after prior arrangement with the owners. The offer includes a commented tour of both vineyards, wine tasting with snacks (a cheese plate), both for individuals and organised groups, as well as trainings, advice on setting home vineyards and professional commercial vineyards, growing, harvesting and processing the fruits from vineyards. The wines from the Stecki Family Vineyards won multiple wine competitions around the country. They received gold, silver and bronze medals at competitions in Zielona Góra, Kraków and Tarnów.

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