The Vineyard Piwnice Półtorak Wine & Spirits

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poltorak1The vineyard "Piwnice Półtorak Wine & Spirits" was established in 2011 with love of wine and passion for this beverage, which aroused in the owners during many trips to the wine-producing regions. The idea has matured for many years. A suitable location was found in Witryłów on the so-called Pańska Mountain, also called "przysiółek Zaciepłe" by the local community. Due to excellent weather conditions and landform features this location guarantees full fruit ripeness, which enables the production of the best wines in Poland. The vineyard was planted in two stages - in 2011 2.5 ha, and then in 2017 another 4 ha of the vineyard. The current acreage is 6.5 ha and is based on the following varieties: solaris, muscaris, seyval blanc, riesling, kernling, chardonnay, bianca, hibernal and pinot noir, rondo, regent, leon millot. The location of the vineyard at an altitude of 350-400 m above sea level in the catchment area of the San river guarantees an amazing aesthetic experience, as one can enjoy wonderful views of the Dynów Foothills. The approach to the wine production is professional here. White, rosé and red wines are made. The vineyard debuted on the market in autumn 2017 and the wines from the Piwnice Półtorak are already successful. During the 4th Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2017, the Rose wine 2016 won a silver medal in the category of Polish rosé wines, and the Cuvee wine 2016 won a gold medal in the category of Polish red wines. The owners came up with the idea of building a real wine region, one with several tens of hectares in one place. The plan is to set up new vineyards in the Dydnia region. Another vineyard was already established next to the vineyard in Witryłów. The idea is to plant the next ones along the access road to the vineyard so as to create a centralised wine center.

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The Carpathian Wine Route was financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020

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