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vanellus01Barbara and Mariusz Czajka are the owners of the VANELLUS Vineyard. "Vanellus" in Latin mans "czajka" (eng. lapwing), hence the choice of this beautiful name. The whole adventure with the vineyard started with drinking a glass of wine at the neighbour's, Wiktor Szpak's. As it turned out, the wine was made from grapes grown in the backyard garden. The decision to plant a small backyard vineyard for their own needs was made quickly and they planted 300 grapevine plants: Sibera and Muscat for white wines, and Rondo and Regent for red wine. The vineyard was supposed to complement the garden - space for rest and relaxation. After the first wine experiments, the owners decided to enlarge the vineyard and buy a neighbouring plot, and then another one... Currently, the vineyard covers 1 ha on two parcels. It is located on the hills with gentle slopes of about fifteen percent in the south-east direction. The Wisłoka river flows within a short distance, about 400m, from the vineyard. The soil, loess and medium-heavy, requires many treatments to produce fruit of satisfactory quality. Apart from the previously mentioned varieties, new varieties were planted: Solaris, Johanniter, Muscaris, Seyval Blanc and Cabernet Cortis. Another milestone was the decision to show the wine to others and to confront the professional market. The wines from the Vanellus Vineyard are available for sale starting from the wines produced in 2016. The majority of planted varieties are those for white wines, thus there is a greater choice of them, including: aromatic Muskat or neutral Seyval, popular Solaris, interesting Johanniter. For those who think that wine must necessarily be red, wines from the following varieties are produced: Rondo, Regenta and Cabernet Cortis. They are offered in a complementary combination and aged for many months in an oak barrel. The Vanellus basement will also offer dry rosé wine and experimental wines such as "blanc de noir", namely white wine made from dark grapes. The Vanellus Vineyard has received numerous medals for its wines. In the 6th Polish Wine Competition 2017 in Jasło, the "Noctis" wine 2015 (made from the Rondo, Regent, Cabernet Cortis varieries) received a silver medal. In 2016, the gold medal was awarded to Vesperum 2015 and the bronze medal to Mane 2015. In 2014, Solaris 2013 won the bronze medal, and Muscat 2013 was awarded the gold medal. In the international wine competition in Zemplinska Sirava in July 2017, Vesperum 2016 won the gold medal and Noctis 2015 won the silver medal. Wines from the Vanellus Vineyard were also presented during ENOEXPO in Krakow; in 2013, the Cuve Rouge wine 2012 and in 2019 Muscat 2012 received the silver medal. Barbara and Mariusz Czajka - remembering the years spent in France - want the Vanellus vineyard to be a place where people who share the passion for wines and those who accidentally happen to follow the routes of Subcarpathia can enjoy the taste of the land enclosed in wine - the French call it terroir. Guests can enjoy a walk in the vineyard, visit to the vineyard cellar, commented tastings enriched with cheese, proziaks (soda breads) or warm dishes - depending on the order of the visitors.

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The Carpathian Wine Route was financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020

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