Wiarus Vineyard

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Wiarus Vineyard was founded in 2008 in Jedlicze, where the first, smaller vineyard is located. The name of the vineyard indicates the longing for the military times and the owner's precious memories of "comrades-in-arms". Barbara and Tadeusz Kruczek, owners of the vineyard, bought another plot of over a hectare in Męcinka near Jasło, located on a very picturesque undulating terrain. There are elevations of approx. 250 m a.s.l., there is a wonderful view of the area. The vineyard has a very unusual size - 12 m wide and 850 m long, jokingly called a "runway" by the owner. 14 varieties of grapes for white, rosé and red wine are currently grown in the vineyards of the Wiarus vineyard - a total of approx. 2,000 bushes on the area of 60 acres. The following varieties are used for white wines: Jutrzenka, Seyval Blanc, Aurora, Odessa Muscat and Prairie Star. Meanwhile, the following are used for red and rosé wine: Regent, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch and Swenson Red. All of the grown varieties are European and American hybrids. The latter are less troublesome due to high frost resistance and fungal diseases. The first wine was made in 2011, and in 2014 the winery was registered in the Agricultural Market Agency, and in August 2015, after obtaining appropriate permits and excise stamps, at the 10th International Wine Days in Jasło the winery already sold dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines. It is planned to expand the vineyard and build a wine cellar in the future.
After prior arrangement, organised groups of tourists are welcome for tasting as well as a commented tour of the vineyard. There is a charming place to pitch tents, which the owners call "wild fields". At a short distance from the vineyard flows a mountain river Jasiołka (approx. 10 m below), which is the border between the Krosno and Jasło poviats, and before the Second World War, this is where the border between Lwów voivodeship and Kraków voivodeship was. These conditions are an important asset in the enotourism offer of the Wiarus vineyard. Observing the increasing interest of tourists in visiting the vineyard, the owners are planning to expand the agrotourism offer by accommodation and food. Wines from the Wiarus vineyard have won numerous laurels at wine competitions in Łańcut, Boguchwała, Zielona Góra and Jasło; the last medals were won in the IV Konkurs Polskich Win Jasło 2017 (Polish Wine Competition): the Słodka Anielka wine (na) produced from the Jutrzenka variety received a gold medal in the category of Polish sweet wines, the Gwiazda Poranna wine 2016 received a bronze medal in the category of Polish white wines.

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