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For many years the "Carpathian wine route" term was associated with the export of Hungarian wine to Poland. Numerous links have been created over the centuries in the field of wine trade between eastern and north-eastern Hungary and today's south-eastern Poland. There were plenty of Polish wine cellar and vineyard owners in Hungary, even though much more often the liquor was transported in barrels to Poland. In Poland it was placed in cellars, e.g. in Dukla, Jaśliska, Krosno, Jasło, Biecz, Jarosław and Przemyśl, and then on the tables of noblemen, townsmen and clergy. This trade effectively eliminated the local wine production. In the above-mentioned perspective, the Carpathian wine route is a historic trade route, just like the amber or silk route.

The Carpathian Wine Route in the current form is an agreement between 20 vineyards from Poland and Slovakia, the owners of which, together with the Association for the Development and Promotion of Subcarpathia Pro-Carpathian from Rzeszów, decided to create a common tourist product. It is a product in terms of cultural tourism, tourism in the spirit of slow life and enotourism. The initiative, launched in 2017, was co-financed from the European Union funds (under the Interreg V-A Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020). The project included not only the preparation of a group of winemakers that were to operate on the route, but also the promoting and building of a network of cooperation with the catering industry, administrators and tourist information. It should be emphasised that this is the first stage of the Route development, which will be systematically expanded, both through the inclusion of further vineyards and stakeholders interested in the joint building of the tourist brand of the Carpathian Wine Route.

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The Carpathian Wine Route was financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020

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