Źródło Vineyard

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Źródło Vineyard is located in the western part of Jasło on the Bryły housing estate on Mickiewicza street. The first plantings of grapevines were made on the fateful day of 10 April 2010 (Smolensk catastrophe). The vineyard covers an area of 12 acres, the plot is in a sunny location with a moderate slope. At present the following varieties are grown in the vineyard for white wine: Seyval Blanc, Bianca, Jutrzenka, Odessa Muscat; and for red wine: Regent, Rondo, Leon Millot and several dessert varieties. The owners of the vineyard are Maria and Henryk Rak, who have been passionate about wine for years. All works in the vineyard are done by hand, which largely determines the character of the wine. It is a typical family vineyard focused on the production of a small amount of good quality wine. The first wine was made already in 2011. In the following years, they were working on improving their skills, both in relation to viticulture and winemaking, through the participation in numerous training courses, conferences and oenology workshops, bearing in mind that it is necessary to keep on learning and exchange experiences with other winemakers. At the foot of the vineyard, among the wild bushes, there is a spring which flows into a charming stream flowing past - hence the name of the vineyard. The owner of the vineyard organises tasting events, however, it is necessary to make an appointment beforehand. The enotourism offer includes commented tours, wine tastings and snacks. This is possible only by prior arrangement; both for individuals and organised groups. The Źródło vineyard won numerous medals for their wines both in national and international competitions; recently, in the 4th Polish Wine Competition Jasło 2017, the Regent wine 2016 received a silver medal in the category of Polish red wines, and the Rondo Róża wine 2016 received a bronze medal in the category of Polish rosé wines. The Rondo wine 2016 received a gold medal in a wine competition in Zemplínska Šírava.

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